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About Kobi Arad:

A multi talented and multiple award-winning artist - Kobi Arad is one of the most prominent, prolific and versatile pianists-composers-producers emerging from Israel. A Grammy Award voting member, he is the first musician to ever receive Doctorate in field of 'Third Stream' from New England Conservatory of Music, Boston -- with 20+ self-titled CD's presently available in amazon.

Having collaborated with many great artists such as Roy Ayers, Cindy Blackman and Jack DeJohnette, Arad also worked with Stevie Wonder (who shows interest in using one of Kobi's songs for his daughter Aisha's upcoming album). Kobi's Soulful style spans and brings together Classical Modern, Jazz and Neo-Soul. Kobi Lives, Composes and Performs in NYC.

In New York City, Arad has performed with 'Kobi Arad Band' in Blue Note NYC, Jazz Lincoln Center, Knitting Factory, Sugar Bar, Tonic, Cutting Room and additional leading veneues. He is also the first musician to ever receive a Doctorate in the field of contemporary improvisation and Third Stream. His albums, which include 'Innovations,' 'Neun Kleine Stucke Fur Elektronische Orchester' and 'Ancient Novice' all exemplify diversity of style, deep musical integrity as well as notable musicianship.

"Kobi is an exceptional musician and has much creativity and musical insight to share with the world"
—Roy Ayers

"Kobi Arad is as a contemporary Bach & Mozart in one"
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—Huffington Post

"Kobi is very talented, and he deserves the recognition."
—Stevie Wonder to Ganda Boys regarding Kobi Arad Band's IMA Awards Win

Apple Music
Global Music Award
Global Music Award

"Smokin! Very-very wild...You've create a language all your own!"
—Chick Corea

"I like Kobi Arad's approach to 'Bemsha Swing'It sounds sounds fresh & exciting!"
—Cindy Blackman - Santana

"I find Kobi Arad's improvisations in Monk's music original and impressive"
—Yoni Rechter (Israeli National-treasure Composer)

"Sounding Wonderful"
—Gonzalo Rubalcaba, 64th Grammy Winner

Kelvin Sholar Music - Review

Chick Corea's Impressions of Kobi Arad's Music

"A very very talented musician and a wonderful artist - his name is Kobi Arad"
—Chick Corea


Segments won best "Jazz Instrumental Album" at the 17th annual Independent Music Awards® on June 22nd 2019.

"You're nuts and I love you for it. This is what I want jazz to sound like in 2018!"
—Emilio D. Miller (Latin Grammy Winner)

"The pure technicality of what is achieved in Segments is pretty marvelous! This album features some of the most complex solos I've heard!"
—Christopher Tin (2x Grammy Awards Winning Composer & Film Music for Crazy Rich Asians)

"Segments is deeply funky man... your band is like fingers on a hand!"
—Twenty Third Skiddo (59th Grammy Awards Winner)

"Wow! 'Segments' is crazy, killer musicians to interpret those compositions Love it!"
—Wouter Kellerman (Multi Grammy Awards Winner & Nominnee)

'Segments' - SELECT TRACKS:

  • Heirarchy
  • Kommoshan
  • Nostalgia
  • Trains
  • Direction

"Freedom is a stunning track - love it!"
—Wouter Kellerman (Multi Grammy Awards Winner and Nominee)

"Best of luck in your wonderful musical adventures..."
—Chick (Armando) Corea

'Freedom' - SELECT TRACKS:

  • Freedom

"Israeli-born Kobi Arad is an extraordinary composer and a virtuoso pianist whose musical sensibilities defy the restrictions of any one genre, and embraces the complete spectrum of modern and traditional sounds, including jazz, world, classical, pop, and everything in between."
—New York Times Bestselling Author and Grammy Winning Composer, Kabir Sehgal

'Ellington Upside Down' - SELECT TRACKS:

  • Take The A Train/It Don't Mean a Thing
  • Caravan
  • In a Mellow Tone
  • Mood Indigo
  • Solitude
Global Music Award

'Forever' - Grammy Awards Community's Tribute for Prince. Winner of the Global Music Award.

"A fantastic song tribute! The vocal mix is amazing and the ensemble musicians involved in this project is great!"
—Ricky Kej (57th Grammy Winning Producer)

—Laura Sullivan (56th Grammy Winner)



  • Excerpt 1
  • Excerpt 2
  • Excerpt 3
Cubism - Hyper Dimensional Jazz

"Kobi Arad Band takes Jazz into a new frontier with Cubism - Hyper Dimensional Jazz"
—Nouveaufluxmusic-wordpress online journal

"Excellent Playing - Huge Imagination!
—Emilio Sola, Latin Jazz Grammy Nominee

"Sounds Real Good. Congratulations."
—Herbie Hancock

'Cubism - Hyper Dimensional Jazz' - SELECT TRACKS:

  • All Blues
  • Blue Monk
  • Donna Lee
  • Nardis
  • Solar

"Compassion' from 'Prayers' is such a beautiful track - am loving the exquisite harmonies and the beautiful and expressive playing - congrats!"
—Wouter Kellerman, Multi-Grammy Winner and Nominee, 2015 & 2016

'Prayers' - SELECT TRACKS:

  • Compassion
  • Reaching
  • Tevua
  • Lonley Ness
  • Happiness
The Experience Project

"Kobi is always stepping ahead into the future, truly creative. He imitates no one."
—Robert Margouleff (Stevie Wonder's stellar associate producer from Innervisions, Talking Book, Fullfillingness First Finale and Music of My Mind)

"Dr. Kobi Arad has recorded a masterpiece in "Hues". Freshly original and full of musical life, at once graceful, lively and poignant, extending the bounds of genre. Highly recommended."
—56th Grammy Award Winner, Laura Sullivan

"I like "Space" a lot. It's crazy weird! The Universe as we know it" is like a bizarre Carl Sagan LSD trip! You could consider and listen at www.kobiaradband.com"
—Austin Wintory (Grammy Nominee from 55hth season)

'The Experience Project (Produced by Robert Margouleff)' - SELECT TRACKS:

  • Sensual Pleasures
  • Clare
  • I Aint Wanting Nothin

"I listened to your music and like it very much - some wild stuff!"
—Chick Corea



  • Our Flag
  • Deep at Heart
  • Precision
Hues Cd


  • Vermilion
  • Yellow Green
  • Electric Purple
High Lights - Creative Collection NYC


  • Conscience
  • The Wind
  • I Need Your Love
Space - Ecstatic Electronic Meditations Cd


  • Open, Vast
  • The Universe As We Know It
  • Chant
Moments Cd


  • Air
  • Eternity / Song
  • Seeing the Voices
  • Étude
  • Flow
  • Again
  • Bengal Bengal
  • Drive
  • Frenzy
  • Floating
Inner Hymns


  • Prayer ('Traditional Yemenite Niggun')
  • Rav Zaken ('Traditional Moroccan Niggun')
  • Seven Seventy (Kobi Arad Feat. Oran Etkin, Bass Clarinet)
  • Secret Tradition (Composed by Kobi Arad)
  • Journey (Kobi Arad piano solo - Composed by Kobi Arad)
  • Lifdot Am Dal (Traditional Moroccan Niggun)
  • Field's Harvest (Kobi Arad Band feat. Oran Etkin) (Composed by Kobi Arad)
  • Binah's Horizons (Re-Composed by Kobi Arad, based on Havdallah Morrocan melody)
  • Ozi Ve Zimrat Yah (Melodic Excerpt from Holidays Prayer Service)
  • Yah Ribbon (Composed by Rabbi Khayim Nadjarah)
  • Sulam Yaakov (N.Hirsch) - Israeli Folk Song
  • Esmakh Bakh (Composed by the Baba Sali)
  • An'eem Zemirot' (Tradional Chassidic Niggun)
Available at Amazon: Click Here


  • Counting On Your Love
  • Being, Soft
  • Sky
  • Post Molto Ossessivo
  • Journey
  • Sunshine Upon Our Face
  • Anger Dissipating
  • The Park
  • Up the Ladder
  • Prayers From Our Hearts
  • This Is Not Another Waltz For You
  • Taken by Surprise
  • Echoes
  • High Urban Life
  • Schoenbergian Love Affair
  • 'Muon's Dance'
  • Turn Around
  • And If You Want me to Love and Care About You Baby


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