Cubism - Hyper Dimensional Jazz

"Kobi is an exceptional musician and has much creativity and musical insight to share with the world"
-Roy Ayers

"Kobi Arad Band takes Jazz into a new frontier with Cubism - Hyper Dimensional Jazz"
-Nouveaufluxmusic-wordpress online journal

"Excellent Playing - Huge Imagination!
-Emilio Sola, Latin Jazz Grammy Nominee

"Energetic and fun! I love this new release by Kobi Arad. He is always sure to impress!"
-Laura Sullivan, Grammy Winner and Billboard top listing

'Cubism - Hyper Dimensional Jazz' - SELECT TRACKS:


"Compassion' from 'Prayers' is such a beautiful track - am loving the exquisite harmonies and the beautiful and expressive playing - congrats!"
-Wouter Kellerman, Multi-Grammy Winner and Nominee, 2015 & 2016

The Experience Project

"Kobi is an exceptional musician and has much creativity and musical insight to share with the world"
- Roy Ayers

"Kobi is always stepping ahead into the future, truly creative. He imitates no one."
- Robert Margouleff (Stevie Wonder's stellar associate producer from Innervisions, Talking Book, Fullfillingness First Finale and Music of My Mind)

"Dr. Kobi Arad has recorded a masterpiece in "Hues". Freshly original and full of musical life, at once graceful, lively and poignant, extending the bounds of genre. Highly recommended."
- 56th Grammy Award Winner, Laura Sullivan

"I like "Space" a lot. It's crazy weird! The Universe as we know it" is like a bizarre Carl Sagan LSD trip! You could consider and listen at www.kobiaradband.com"
- Austin Wintory (Grammy Nominee from 55hth season)

'The Experience Project (Produced by Robert Margouleff)' - SELECT TRACKS:



Hues Cd
High Lights - Creative Collection NYC


Space - Ecstatic Electronic Meditations Cd
Moments Cd
Inner Hymns


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Kobi Arad is one of the most Prominent, Prolific and Versatile pianists-composers-producers emerging from Israel. A Grammy Award voting member, he is the first musician to ever receive Doctorate in field of 'Third Stream' from New England Conservatory of Music, Boston -- with 20+ self-titled CD's presently available in amazon.

Having collaborated with many great artists such as Roy Ayers, Cindy Blackman and Jack DeJohnette, Arad also worked with Stevie Wonder (who shows interest in using one of Kobi's songs for his daughter Aisha's upcoming album). Kobi's Soulful style spans and brings together Classical Modern, Jazz and Neo-Soul. Kobi Lives, Composes and Performs in NYC.

In New York City, Arad has performed with 'Kobi Arad Band' in Blue Note NYC, Jazz Lincoln Center, Knitting Factory, Sugar Bar, Tonic, Cutting Room and additional leading veneues. He is also the first musician to ever receive a Doctorate in the field of contemporary improvisation and Third Stream. His albums, which include 'Innovations,' 'Neun Kleine Stucke Fur Elektronische Orchester' and 'Ancient Novice' all exemplify diversity of style, deep musical integrity as well as notable musicianship.


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